Broadstone Studios

22 Harcourt Terrace

Dublin 2



7 – 8.30pm

Friday 16 and Saturday 17th January 2015


Inspired by the ubiquitous carousels of global sushi outlets, The Domestic Godless bring Canaliculus Purgamentorum to Broadstone Studios, Dublin, their latest project presenting a collection of amuse-bouches along a canal assembled from sewage ducting.


Each dish will offer a nostalgic reminiscence of the universally experienced miserable seaside holiday or otherwise pointed towards Broadstone Studio’s previous existence as the Asylum for Aged Governesses and Unmarried Ladies in 1870, replete with humour and a sense of the absurd. For example, what happens when you cross ice-cream with the contents of an Edwardian vanity cabinet? What did the stuffing from the seats of a 1974 Ford Cortina actually taste like? And what ever happened to that baked bean that escaped from your full-Irish breakfast?


For over ten years The Domestic Godless have been a thorn in the foot of Irish gastronomy, with an irreverent disregard for current fashions and culinary trends. They have introduced to the world such delights as Sea Urchin Pot Noodle, Foot & Mouth Terrine, Carpaccio of Giant African Land Snail and Victorian high tea wrought from all manner of fertilizer, often in the setting of anarchic installations.


Tickets are available for €20 at Eventbrite :


Limited places available.


This show involves eating and tasting but is not a full meal. Unfortunately, special dietary requirements cannot be accommodated.


CANALICULUS PURGAMENTORUM is co-produced with Broadstone Studios and is supported in part by the Arts Council Project Award 2014.


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