Image:Young girls at the Women's Activity Centre in Qalandiya playing a game of basketball during the 1950. Courtesy of UNRWA Archive.








































Public Symposium

Palestine Biennial,  Jerusalem

Oct. 22 – Nov. 15, 2014


Qalandiya International

New Gate, Old city

Box 14644

Jerusalem 91145




THU, NOV 13, 2014

10:00 TO 16:00

The International Academy of Art, Palestine , Aref Al-Aref Building, Behind Arab Bank, Al-Bireh Branch, Al-Bireh – Ramallah.


Emily Jacir

Kamran Rastegar

Uzma Z. Rizvi

Sarah Pierce

Gerard Byrne



Public Symposium: “Location, Location, Location”

Four International academic speakers / artists in a 4 hour session for public audience will examine the tired language of “centers versus peripheries”, the challenges of institutional agency, as well as the representational burdens and blessings of contemporary art.

Can an intelligent definition of the “local” escape the quandaries of representation? How can a local institution be proactive within this debate, at this moment in time? How can a given town stake a claim? And also: how is an urban “location” to be accounted for in the first place.

A city is an abstraction, just like an era or a decade, but we rarely acknowledge it as such. Accounting for the catachresis that is a city, and for the quiet developments mentioned above, is what underlies the idea of “location”.

Organized by: The International Academy of Art, Palestine


For further information:“location-location-location”