Lewis Glucksman Gallery

Raimond Wouda, “Hervion College II, Den Bosch,” 2005 C-print.
School Days: the look of learning

Until 20 March 2011
Lewis Glucksman Gallery
University College Cork
Cork, Republic of Ireland
T +353 21 490 1844

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Rineke Dijkstra, Eva Kotátková, Annette Krauss, Darcy Lange, Ronan McCrea, Christian Philipp Müller, Eamon O’Kane, Corin Sworn, Raimond Wouda

Curated by Matt Packer

School Days: the look of learning explores the experiences and environments of school, college and university, through the work of nine contemporary artists. The exhibition emphasises school not only as a place of organised learning but as a space of informal interaction and self-awareness that occurs outside the classroom and exam hall, such as in playgrounds, canteens, and corridors.

The architecture of the educational environment is the focus for artists Christian Philipp Müller and Raimond Wouda. A comparative study of campus design in Christian Philipp Müller’s work explores how architectural plans correspond with educational ambitions, while for Raimond Wouda, the emphasis is placed upon the informal spaces where students congregate and socialise. Other artists in the exhibition emphasise the notion of play as a way of learning. The educational theories of Friedrich Froebel, an early pioneer of kindergarten, and the liberal ethos of A.S.Neill’s Summerhill boarding school, are referenced in the works of Eamon O’Kane, Ronan McCrea, and Corin Sworn. The works of Darcy Lange and Annette Krauss relay stories from the classroom to interrogate the wider relationships between pupil, teacher, and curriculum, while the everyday and personal traumas of the school routine are the subject of Eva Kotátková’s drawing, sculpture and video works. In Rineke Dijkstra’s work, like others in the exhibition, she draws attention to the relationship between learning and its representation.

Throughout the exhibition, artists address the individual and social responses to the educational environment. In this way, School Days considers what ‘the look of learning’ can reveal about our formative experiences.

Parallel Programmes

Assembly: School as a Social Environment
Saturday, March 12, 2011

Assembly is a one-day conference that explores the school environment as a space of social interaction and development. Through discussions and talks by artists, academics and specialists, this symposium looks at how education takes place outside the classroom, in cafeterias, corridors and playgrounds, and how these environments shape our learning. Spaces for this event are limited. Please book aheadwww.glucksman.org/assembly

In Detail is a series of lunchtime talks exploring a selected work from the current exhibition. Inviting academic experts from different backgrounds and pairing them with a Glucksman curator, these talks provide an opportunity to focus on a single work from an unusual perspective.www.glucksman.org/indetail

The Tangents series of panel discussions explores ideas related to the current gallery exhibition. These contextual discussions invite creative and critical thinkers to provide insight into the philosophical, social and political issues raised through the exhibition.

For further information about the exhibition and parallel programmes, please contact info@glucksman.org / +353 (0) 21 490 1844.